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SuperSafe Subscription

First Timer

Hi Everyone


I am new to the community, please don't criticise my REALLY SIMPLE question, but can someone please tell me how to subscribe to "SuperSafe"?

It appears that it is sooo super safe I can't register, log in or even receive an email.


Laura, Law Student
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@laura-smith8683 wrote:

Hi Everyone  

                                                                                                              ........ can someone please tell me how to subscribe to "SuperSafe"?



...... and this may be a REALLY SIMPLE response @laura-smith8683, but you have previously registered here ....


.... presumably?


If / when you have access to My Account, from the Dashboard, key the My Security option, and make your choice[s] ........


TalkTalk DashboardTalkTalk Dashboard

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Hi Laura


Here's the SuperSafe Boost overview

  • Login to MyAccount
  • Select My services from the grey header bar
  • Select Manage SuperSafe Boost from the drop-down menu
  • Select the tickbox for 1 device or 8 devices in the section called Manage your security
  • Then choose the Confirm order button
  • Once you have subscribed to SuperSafe you will receive an email from F-Secure
    The email is sent to the same email address you use to login to MyAccount
    Sometimes there is a delay in receiving the email from F-Secure
  • There's a link in the email that will enable you to download and install SuperSafe onto your devices
  • You can also download the SuperSafe apps here

I hope that's helped to keep you safe and secure. Do let us know if you'd like further help.


Hang on until 10th May due to non-availability of MyAccount overnight on 9th May:


We'll be updating some of our websites between 10pm on the 9th May and 6am on the 10th May. Whilst we're completing the updates, the following services will be affected:

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