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TalkTalks Illegal Blocking and filetering of content and downloads

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Hello fellow UK Citizens and TalkTalk Customers, I am Looking for other customers like myself who have had enough of the lies and illegal blocking of content by Talktalk and other Internet providers . I have been monitering logging and detailing every instance of this for a year since i started to use TalkTalk and every Email and phone conversaion to build up a case evidence and theres a lot of it . Now i'm look to speak with other Talktalk users who have the same issue and i know there are alot of you out there so please contact me via my Email address obscured for customer security and we can hopefully help others as well as our selfs from tiranincle inept corporation as we are stronger in numbers and our vioce is louder

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Hi @JonahWhale


I've obscured the email address you posted because of Community guidelines. You may say you don't mind being spammed when you put an email address in a public forum but right now we don't know that the owner of the email address has given consent so I'm afraid it has to be obscured. 


As for blocking websites, TalkTalk blocks remote access software websites that customers can unblock themselves via their MyAccount so they're not permanently blocked.


What is permanently blocked are websites that are the subject of a Court Order. Here's the list.


Are these the sites you're concerned with or is there another one not on the list?

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