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When searching for my name in google, all my talktalk forum posts appear... How do I get them remove

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When I search my name in google, all my talk talk forum posts appear. I've since logged into that account and deleted the account and no longer have access to it but to my horror they are still showing up in google search and include private information between myself and technical reps. 


How can I go about having it deleted? The website is impossible to log any sort of ticket, as the only help options we have available are for our account or broadband and the data protection contact is asking us to "write a letter" to some address, i am not going to write a letter in 2021 when we are connected by broadband.


Please private message me as I want my personal identifying information removed immediately from the site ASAP.




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@PrivacyMatters, best to follow Talktalk's procedures with the letter.


I'll mark this topic as a duplicate. 


This other one made it into the workflow for attention:


Staff are more likely to reply there.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.