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Static IP Address Changes Q&A


In December 2022, we sent out a communication detailing how we're going to be migrating the IP addresses of some customers. We're doing this to help towards future proofing our network and to better serve you. Please read below for information on how to change your update your router and other affected devices, as well as answers to some questions you may have.


An IP address is a unique number assigned to a device that needs to connect to the internet or network. Just like your physical home address lets people know where to send your birthday card, IP addresses identify computers and devices and lets them communicate with each other. A static IP address is simply an address that doesn't change. The device needs the internet to remember it. Once your device is assigned a static IP address, that number stays the same until the device is decommissioned.

  • If you have more than one Static IP address or have set up your router to not pick up changes automatically (by DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)), you will need to follow your manufacturer guidelines to manually change your IP address. Most guidelines can be found online. If you are unsure if you have a single IP, please wait for the information in our next communication.
  • If you have just one static IP address and have set the router to pick up changes automatically (by DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)) you do not need to change anything. If you are unsure if you have a single IP address, please wait for our next communication for this information.

Any external device, website or server that needs to remember your IP address. There are an array of different IT/security equipment that may require a Static IP address. Some examples are: Routers, Printers, FTP Servers, DHCP Servers, CCTV and VPN. We are unable to provide an exhaustive list however most manufactures have guidelines for this readily available online.

Consult the manufacturer guidelines. It is a simple change, and most manufactures have guidelines readily available online.

Please review if you have any specific devices that need to remember your Static IP. You can do this by consulting manufacture guidelines. These are readily available online.  It is important to check as it could lead to a loss of service on the day of the change.

If you have any external devices or a router not configured to pick up your changes by DCHP you will experience loss of service.  Please follow the change guidelines above as soon as possible.

  • We will provide you with a date and time that the change will happen.
  • After the migration, your previous IP Address will no longer work, so it is important that you align your change with the date provided to ensure no loss of service. 
  • Our senior technical experts will be monitoring the migration from start to finish to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Our senior technical experts will be on hand during the migration to provide assistance to our support teams where required.

Review the above guidelines and confirm if you have made all the changes you need to, correctly. If connectively is the issue, please contact our Support Team.