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There's always new channels coming to Freeview so it's worth re-tuning your TalkTalk TV Box every now and then to check.
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You can manage all of your TalkTalk services in one place with our online account known as My Account. If you have recently joined TalkTalk, we will have asked you for an email address to get your My Account set up. We will have sent you an email with some more details. It may have gone in your junk or spam folder by mistake.   Did you know?  If you are advised your phone number is already registered when registering for My Account, you can use the   forgotten details   page to find out your My Account  username   and   password .   How do I register for My Account? Go to   My Account, and select   Register.  Enter your TalkTalk telephone number and your TalkTalk account number in the appropriate box and click continue.  Select either text message or email to receive a code to verify your identity, then click continue. Check your mobile phone or email service to find your six-digit code, enter it into the box and click continue. Enter your email address and your desired password into the appropriate boxes.  Choose your preferred billing method, either paper or online, and click Register My Account. Problems registering? If you're having problems registering for My Account take a look at our tips below. Email address already in use It is not possible to register for My Account more than once with the same email address. If you have more than one TalkTalk account, you would need to use a different email address each time you register. Don't forget, you can create up to 5 TalkTalk email addresses on each account.   If you only have one TalkTalk account, it may be that you are already registered or part registered for My Account. If you can't remember your password to log in or complete your registration, visit Forgotten your My Account details to find out more.    If you are still having problems registering for My Account, please   contact us. Messaging is now available on the MyTalkTalk app meaning help is on hand for any queries you have.   
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Most TalkTalk Mail users will not need to do anything before the upgrade
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 We want to make sure all our customers receive the best possible service from their TalkTalk Mobile service. So in line with the industry we have our Good Network Guidelines. These guidelines are in place to ensure that all our customers get the mobile experience they expect. During certain hours of the day, some parts of our network can become congested, meaning that the data experience for some customers is not as good as what they anticipate. In order to ensure that all customers get the network experience they expect we aim to keep everyone moving equally by monitoring data flowing across the network. If we believe that some people are consistently compromising the data flow of all our other customers we will be asking them to reduce their usage and we may not renew the monthly unlimited calls or data boosts on their package so that we can protect the rest of the network and maintain a good network experience for others.  For most customers, your usage of the network will be entirely fine. The sorts of things that might make your usage increase are: Streaming movies to your phone Downloading large files to your phone Making excessive numbers of calls. If you are concerned about your usage, please get in touch and we can give you tips on how to avoid impacting the service of others without impacting your experience. For advice on mobile data and how to increase your speed using Wi-Fi, please see   All about mobile data. 
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  If you're not able to read or hold a printed directory, you can apply for free 195 Directory Enquiries.   The 195 team is dedicated to supporting those with accessibility requirements get through to who they need to speak to on the phone. The service also offers a connect service, which will connect you to your required number.   Just call 0800 587 0195 (09:00 - 16:00 Monday to Friday) and request an application form. Once you receive your form it will need to be countersigned by a medical professional i.e. by a doctor, nurse or other medical practitioner.   Once registered, you'll be given a PIN number and can start using the195 service. 
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