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£4 charge how does it help?

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looking at the £4 charge from a different angle over the years TalkTalk have made much of the fact that you could add monthly for football or F1,films at Xmas or kids tv for school holidays.By the number of people opting out who will no longer do this is it not a case of shooting One's self in the foot from a business point of view?

 At the end of the day the many tv streaming sites are not charging an access fee which would seem to be the future of the market

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You must be looking at different sites to me, which of them do not charge?

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Yes they all charge for packages the same as TalkTalk do but you do not pay a "access fee" for the likes of Now tv,Netflix,Tv player,Amazon video etc even Sky may have set up charges and then package prices but not aware of an ongoing fee (never looked at BT/Plusnet)