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Additional £4 charge

Team Player

In my opinion this latest charge from TalkTalk is totally unprofessional.  Who else would charge for something a customer is not going to use (multi room TV)?  I have been with TalkTalk for almost 12 years but I think I will seriously reconsider when my current contract expires.  Who knows what other sneaky increases may be introduced in future?  Very disappointed in them.

Community Star

You're free to opt out at any time, just contact customer services, or the support team here can arrange it for you if you prefer.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi nannapat 


I can opt you out of the upcoming TV charge but I'll need to confirm some security details to access your account.  I'll send a PM separately with the info required.


Please note however that when you opt out of TalkTalk TV you will lose access to add and remove TV Boosts flexibly.  You will lose access to TV Boost on demand content via the TalkTalk player.  You will also lose access to TV on the go services via the web and Mobile App.


Also, any current recordings you have made from a Boost channel will stop working when you are no longer subscribed to that channel.