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Can't stop Sky Sports recording

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Hi, I've cancelled my Sky Sports boost at the end of my contracted offer, and moved over to NOW. 


Far from ideal, I used to switch on, dial in 407 and start watching. Now, it's switch on, navigate across to Apps, then to NOW, then to sport, then to F1, then wait for it to sort itself out before I can watch. My only sport interest is F1, and this weekend I have successfully watched the race, although it's tedious because I have to sit and watch it live since it won't record.


However, after watching the race I looked in My TV to see what I had available to watch and discovered the box has tried to record all the F1 content that was previously set up, despite me having cancelled the series record on channel 407. It's tried multiple (43!) times to record, all with a 'failed to record' flag, including all the practise sessions and qualifying.


There's no sign of the recording option on my schedule page. Any idea how I can stop it recording when it's not in the schedule to cancel?


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It probably is there, but as the next race is 2 weeks away it wont show up u til its in the guide.


you should be able to view it from Friday if it includes practice sessions etc and delete it then.


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