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Charge for TV box.

Whizz Kid
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In the email you sent about charging for the Youview box you saId you were making the service even better. In plain English you are not - you are making us pay for something we now don't have to pay for now. How is that better?  Please explain as I am sure, most, if not all of us, feel it is considerably worse. 

These sneaky charges keep coming which makes a mockery of the claims about prices being fixed. One part is fixed but the others keep rising. It is a con and I bet you feel shamed to try and jusify it.  


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After waiting for an hour on the phone I managed to get through to livechat and hopefully it has been done!!! I have the chat transcript as proof!!

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@fisherjim I am not seeking to defend anybody. And you are of course entitled to your opinion. But when someone posts a simple untruth I think it is only fair to correct it.


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Well if you want to be the defender of all things TalkTalk for some personal quest let me explain what happened:

Firstly the email was not specific to my particular circumstance and did not answer my questions.

The link you kindly referred to did not take me anywhere yesterday as others have commented (maybe it was overloaded with disgruntled customers trying to opt out).

I eventually got through to a CS representative on a terrible phone line , she had very poor command of English, and was technically not up to the job. She refused to cancel the charge, insisted it was new company policy, and TalkTalk will know the box is connected even if the internet is disconnected and only using the aerial so I have to pay.

I do not think it is the customer's responsibility to opt out of a new charge, for something that was not billed before, and to charge for the benefit of being able to opt into another charge is ridiculous and a stealth charge what ever your personal opinion is.

The correct way would be to allow the customer to opt in, not make them opt out, but then that won't net many fish in the sea will it!

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@fisherjim wrote:


It says nothing about how to opt out ....

Just to correct that:


Screenshot 2019-01-23 at 12.31.02.png


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Thanks for your reply. In a nutshell, TT seek new customersw by saying their will be no price increases during the contract. To most people that means that the package they adopt will stay the same price throughout. 

In effect it doesn't mean that at all, as TT in the small print allow themselves to increase prices at will by excluding a lot of the service from their "guarantee", which is worthless.

This is the second, and possibly the third time, this has happened during the last year or so. As I said earlier, I expect further such increases, with things that are included for free being charged for. The only thing that will stop this is for lots of people to move elsewhere - but I am not sure the opposition are blame free,  

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Well I agree with bernieyorks, the email received about this additional monthly charge isn't clear at all.

It says nothing about how to opt out, and the charge if you don't have multiroom now and don't want it is obviously an extra charge for the same service.


I tried the on line chat yesterday, none of the links were working, I phoned the out of country (I assume) call centre and apart from the very poor english of the CS rep, and the terrible phone line, she was utterly useless, made no offer to cancel the service, insisted that I had to pay it, and could not answer any technical questions.

She insisting that TT would know the box was connected even if the internet link was removed.


The only help you get with anything with this company is through the OCE's on here.


What they are doing is still charging the multiroom customers the same charge, not removing it in reality, and clobbering everyone else on top.


In my view their multiroom offer is a marketing ploy to get more income from movie rental anyway.


The boost channels which are still on top of this are not even in HD, and have no boxed sets either, I get a far better experience with a Roku stick and Now TV.


I understand the comments about mid term increases as that's what this is in disguise.

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I cannot see any discourtesy in refusing to accept the pomposity of anyone who claims to speak on behalf of “most” others rather than simply expressing a personal point of view. 

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@ferguson - wow ! you really said that ? may a refer you to the web page you sent me to recently....

with reference to "Be courteous to other customers"

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I think you have revealed far more unpleasantness about yourself there than any of the companies you choose to invest in.


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I think most customers will agree with me, 

I haven't told you but I am a shareholder in Talktalk and will sell the shares when I can do it without making a loss. This is underhand and I want no part of it.

A few months ago I sold my shares in Morrisons, which I had held for a long time, because they had intoduced Halal butchers into some stores. I wanted no part of that and I want no pert of compamies that operate like this. 

When does my contract end? I will look around in the mean time. 

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We will have to disagree. "Stealth?" Nope, everybody has been told. And the choices are up to you. Just opt out if you don't want to pay.


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You know and I know that this is just a stealth price increase. Most people seeing the advertising would assume that when they hear their prices are "fixed", it would mean that they would not go up. What it means in fact is that the system is "fixed", in the sense that a horse race might be fixed i.e. we the poor punters cannot win and are being conned. 

I do not want the multiroom offer or the £5 credit - I just want the system as it was. 

I wonder what charges are next - paying a rental for the router perhaps - I am sure they will think of something. 


Community Star
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The claims of "making it even better" appear to relate to making multiroom available at no extra charge and the £5 credit towards film rentals. Most people seem to understand the difference between fixed broadband prices and other services being subject to change. The fee is of course optional and you can contact customer services if you do not wish to take TV services.