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Chat Now - poor response

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Used the Chat  for help with TV problem. First operator lasted about 15 mins before cutting me off. The second operator stayed on for much longer but eventually he too cut me off !!! So annoying and I still have the TV problem. It would seem if they don't know the answer they end the conversation and you have to restart the whole process again. Anyone else had this response?


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Hi @alyson58 


As you are on here now, what is the problem that you're having as it can probably be solved on here.



Could you please ensure that your community profile includes your PHONE NUMBER as OCE's will need this to tie up your screen name to your account. (click on your avatar to view the information > Settings > Launch Profile Wizard,put your phone number in box, then scroll to the bottom of page and click save)

If this has helped and solved your problem, please mark it as "Accepted Solution" from the 3 dot dropdown menu in the bottom right of this post so that staff or others do not spend time looking for alternatives. If you like the answer please feel free to click the "Like Button"

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Yep, sure have @alyson58, you have my sympathy!