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Continue watching programs

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Is there a way to remove the list of "continue watching" programs displayed in More TV section, I appear to have rather a lot. Thanks...


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Cheers for that @Gondola I now have a better idea of how it works...emoticon.thumbsup.title

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Hi @davey


TalkTalkTV is still not a bug-free zone unfortunately...


Removal from the Continue Watching list via the TV Box does not always work.  There is still a bug that sometimes even when you play to the end, resets the Resume time to, for example, 4 minutes before the real end time.


But the online player does delete content that you've watched when you let the online player run to the end.  That's the best way to delete from the Continue Watching list, currently.


However, the personal history list of previously watched content may still come up with content part watched but that is not currently available.  This most often will happen with On Demand content that gets removed from the current On Demand list. 


So, content may be in the Continue Watching list but you cannot play it because it's not available to play! 


So, there you are.  My best answer for you... and sorry about the bugs!

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Hi  @Gondola


I tried playing a couple from the TV box letting them run to the very end but no joy they still showed up in my continue watching list. I then used your online suggestion and managed to remove most programs by playing and letting run but there are two that won't open or play when I click the play option, any ideas?


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Hi @davey


The new feature Continue Watching is a history of the content in your More TV area that you've started watching but not fully finished watching. The displayed content is just the most recent 10 items.


If you're like me you'll probably watch a film but may not want to watch all through the end titles. Bad move if you don't wish to be reminded of a bad film. The film will get listed in Continue Watching.


The fix is to fast forward to near to the end of the content and then let the player play right to the end.  Or in the online player just position the timeline cursor near the end, if necessary skip forward in 30 second steps and then play to the very end.  If you do this the film will not show up in the Continue Watching list.


Any you wish to remove. Just select from the Continue Watching list on either the TV Box or online at (after signing in to your account), fast forward then play the very last bit until the player ends.  That will remove from Continue Watching.  It might pick up another one from your recent viewing history and add that to the list of 10 though!


At present there isn't a facility to remove the entire viewing history in one hit.  I think some customers might appreciate that function so maybe it'll appear in a future release.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Hi fre55die

Unfortunately fast forward didn't work but thanks anyway. I'm wondering if the continue watching program list is somehow saved in my tv account? 


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Hi @davey


All that I can think of is to fast forward them to the end individually.


Someone else may have an alternative though.

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