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Different Powerline adapter compatibility

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I was wondering if the different powerline adapters provided by TalkTalk are compatible.

I can't give the model numbers, this is being used at a relatives house who is with TalkTalk as I am.

However, I am referring to the white adapters with the main socket on the front and the Black adapters without socket on the front.


Originally, there were just 2 white adapters, one connected to the router of course in the hall, one near the YouView box in a room.

The internet is now need in another room for another device.

I have attempted to use a black adapter but cannot get it to link to the white one at the router.


I can get 2 back adapters to link together - one at router, one in a room.

Simultaneously, 2 whites - one at the router, one in a room.

This does work although I have read there may be interference.

However, I would prefer just one at the router.


Any advice would be appreciated.




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Thanks for the reply fre55die.


It was slack of me to not get the model numbers which I will in a couple of days when I go back to the relatives house.

The black ones are about 5 years old, they are not in the last 3 years certainly.

I will try what you described including factor reset and paring without the router.

I'll hold my breath as I do it but if unsuccessful, it should go back to as it is now which works - or I could just get 3 the same etc.

I may have simply messed it up yesterday and in addition to what you have said, I found some instructions online and may I got the paring procedure wrong in some way - despite being simple.

It is very helpful for you to mention you had success - It gives me a reason to try again.

If I am successful, I will post to say so and exactly what I did and maybe previously did wrong.


Thanks again, much appreciated.




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Hi @Mark77 


The white ones in the picture are very old D-Link DHP-P326AV's. I can't identify the black ones as there is not enough detail in the photo.


I did manage to pair recent TT ones to the white ones and for them all to all work together by factory resetting all of them and re-pairing them having done this. From memory I used a powerstrip just to pair them all together, none need to be connected to the router to pair them.


I have subsequently replaced them though. How old are the black ones? If they are not brand new then they should follow the same relevant "Powerline Protocol" meaning that they work with all makes and models which follow this protocol. However they may follow a more recent one if they are new.


I currently use 5 plugs from the one connected to the router, different brands and types.


The main thing is to fully factory reset all of the plugs to clear existing credentials, so that you can set new, identical credentials to all of them.

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