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Easy Opt out Talk Talk TV option

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I am keen to renew, yet am unable to select to opt out of Talk Talk TV. Not used the box for a year. Since as a company you are keen to offer the best internet and call facility why impose £48 per year on the customer when they don’t want this feature. If I can’t get an opt out option real quick I may have to resort to an alternate provider as I am now out of contract and need to make a decision quickly. 

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Community Star
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Community Stars have fed back to staff multiple times about this too, @Sydkadie.


To avoid this problem, just don't use online renewal. 


You need to phone 03451 720046 to speak to the loyalty team. They open at 9am.


If you do renew online, you can then ask them to remove the TV bit, but that will still require a phone call!


You might as well haggle for the best possible deal you can get while you are at it, so go in armed with comparisons!

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.