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Fast forward/rewind speed

Problem Solver
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Is there a way around this "problem"


When I fast forward through for instance ads or to get to a point in film to continue watching, the mechanism takes an appreciable period of time before stopping after pressing stop. By the time it stops you are well into the restarted program. To put it bluntly it behaves like a 20 year old video machine.

Surely being digital it should be instantaneous. You can almost hear the tape winding!

Ideas like rewinding slower not really very helpful.


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Yes, I'm a trialist as well. I think the problem's been there for ever, and not part of any recent release. But I agree annoying.
I'm going to report it through the trial route as well. Based on the view that if we don't report it, it won't get fixed.
While on the subject. The equivalent issue on iPlayer is arguably more annoying. When you fast forward/back it's really vaque where you are. Very hit and miss.

Whizz Kid
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You beat me to this reporting it on here.

I'm a trial user for the current platform and constant improvements being rolled out.

i've found if go to X30 speed on FF or RW, its a fight with the play button to get it to stop, infact, not even the stop button works, I thought was remote control issue, but would appear not to be.


NHS IT geek for 19 years......have you tried turning it off and on again 🙂 ..... but not your router, this could make things worse 🙂 ask the experts 🙂