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Help needed about moving my box!

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Hey. I’m wondering if anyone can tell me what wires I need to get in order to move my box? I’m putting the tv onto the wall so obviously the box needs to go with it, but does anyone know the names of the wires I’ll need to buy to reach the router please? I’m not technical minded whatsoever so please bear with me lol. I would have preferred to move the router then I’d have had no issues but I’m not sure that’s even possible? If it is does anyone know the name of the cable is please? Sorry again for appearing to be a bit thick 🙈. Thanks in advance! Stay safe everyone 


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Hi @Loulou78 


Just to add, the Ethernet cable connecting the box to the router is better known as an RJ45 cable referring to the connector type and can be as long as you like within reason, one of my boxes uses a 30 metre one. Also don't forget that if your TV is "Smart" you will probably also need the same type to connect the TV to the router unless you are connecting it wirelessly.


I use Amazon as you will find all lengths on there and remember to read the reviews as a few unscrupulous people obviously do sell the odd dodgy products but, most are great.

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There's a TalkTalk page here with info on the cables and where they connect:


does that help?


I'd add that there's an optional aerial cable between the TalkTalk box and the TV which carries the aerial signal.  That gives you the ability to watch the TV using the tuner in the TV, not just via the TalkTalk box.  You may or may not have that cable now, if you always use the TalkTalk box and never the TV features then don't worry about it.

Hope that helps and doesn't add to the confusion.