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Huawe DN372T Your View Box locked into boot mode

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On first switch on today the box blue and red lights continually ulsed as usual with the display "TalkTalk Waking UP" but nothing further. tried switching completely off then on again twice - no change. Tried a reset vai maintenance mode as per talktalk web site instructions but no change except to addition of a pulsing buzzing tone.

Help please as soon as possible.

Thank you.



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You're welcome and I'm glad you got it sorted. The contact number details are a bit of a bugbear, a sadly common trait of many large companies who prefer you to contact them by other means. 


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Thanks Ferguson, I have spoken to someone at Talktalk and a replacement box is being sent out.
Thank you for your assistance.
It is a pity that a telephone contact number is not made available anywhere that I cound find on the tlaktalk website or elswhere on the internet, it would have saved me a lot of wasted time and got the issue sorted out yesterday.

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You can wait until the support team pick this up when they are back online next Monday. Alternatively you can call 0345 172 0046, or try Live chat here


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Ok, a recording box would obviously be appreciated but a non recording box would be better than nothing.

How do I make contact in order to get one?

There is no way of communicating with Talktalk that I can find on their website.


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OK thanks, just wanted to check. It looks like a dead 'un I'm afraid. Bear in mind that TalkTalk no longer supply recording boxes, but they should be able to swap it out for a non-recording box for you. 




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No, as per the Talktalk website instructions - using the power button and +/- buttons on the box front.


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Sorry, just a bit confused here, you are not trying to enter maintenance mode using the remote are you?


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Please re-read my initial post fully and carefully. Reset via maintenance mode is not responsive at all, having attempted that option several times with the previously reported results.

The left hand blue indicator light and the red right hand indicator light pulse but no reaction from the centre indicator light on the box front.

The box is totally unresponsive to the remote, with the TV screen showing only "TalkTalk Waking UP" nothing else.

This appears to be a major component or software failure within the box, as all other broadband devices and other tv sets perform normally.

All of my personal details were and are still correct, including my landline phone number.


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Hi @DJMackay 


Try a Factory Reset from the main menu. Blue YV/Menu button on your remote. > Up to Settings (cog Wheel at the top) > Factory Reset ( Last one at bottom Right). You will lose any recordings as this reformats your hard drive and reinstalls the operating system.


Could you please ensure that your personal information is up to date in your profile INCLUDING your registered landline number
Link here -
This is purely so that the OCE's can tie up your details and trace your account as this is not possible from just your screen name.
If you are unsure of your phone number, you can find this in My Account or dial 17070 from your landline phone and this will confirm the number for you.
Thank you.

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