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Huwai box

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Had a problem last week when I lost are entertainment boost spent 90 minutes on the phone on Saturday and was taken through a diagnostic tests up to a maintenance reset save recordings

no joy engineer came on Thursday afternoon carried out his job and got it working said are Aerial didn't have a strong enough signal and we should have it checked but Thursday evening it just failed again running the tv through the roof aerial at the moment so not very happy no longer in contract thinking I might go elsewhere maybe BT


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Boosts are not dependent on your aerial. Only freeview channels are.


How is your box connected to the router? Direct or via powerlines?


If direct, turn the router off for a few minutes and turn on again to see if this improves.


If via powerlines, check the lights are on. Maybe disconnect them and reset them using the pin hole. Then plug into adjacent power sockets and re pair them. Connect them back to the router and box. Also worth rebooting the router as mentioned.


Hope it works but if not then let us know so the OCE can look into next week.

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