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Initial setup queries

First Timer
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Installer arrived this morning and spent some hours replacing the BT wiring from pole to sitting room, only to report a disconnect between the pole and the distant cabinet. This was above his grade so another person will sort it out tomorrow... He seemed utterly unversed in actually setting up the kit itself; understandable as he was a sub-contractor to Openreach and not part of TT at all... 


I have switched from VM after a decade+ of non-ADSL internet so am at a bit of a loss getting this  gear going, especially sincere the is no help with the kit and (as far as I can see) there is no hand–holding sequence of setup stages on the TT site. Is there? I could have missed it.


Also, thanks to my own misjudgement, I will need a longer than 2m 'phone cable' to the socket to the router: is this a common cable or does 65 Mbps need something different?


I need an extra remote. Does TT sell these? All the ones I saw on Amazon and eBay looked different to the (utterly unbranded) one in the box. This one has Netflix and ?Play buttons under  the power switch at its top. 


I'm not sure what the 4k TV box really does that Free view doesn't. (I know it offers a pause function if I buy a biggish USB stick for it). Is it worth £4/ month?


I look forward to sorting these out with your help! And probably much more,  seeing the deep fund of ignorance that I am discovering that I have...


(Not so) HappyChris 


Support Team
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Hi Chris,


I'm sorry to hear the engineer will need to return to complete setup.


I would not use a longer phone / adsl type cable from the router to the phone socket as this would degrade performance, instead, would use a longer ethernet cable from the router or you may consider power line adapters.


We do not currently provide extra remotes for the 4K TV box, but it does come with a remote.


The box whilst it may not initially record without the use of a USB stick does provide access to so much on demand content and also has many apps from youtube to Now TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc, so will provide many many hours of catchup TV and essential viewing.






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