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Is my box faulty or is Talktalk TV just awful?

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I have just received my first Talktalk TV box and it's absolutely terrible. Painfully slow to navigate, apps don't work and can't find any channels. I'm fairly competent with technology so I would think I've either been sent a faulty box or it is just old crap technology that they use? I normally use a firestick and Google TV which are seemless and rapid. Just wondered if I should try getting a replacement or just bin it? 

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Can we just check some basics please? I dont wish to offer advice by making assumptions.


  1. Is the box connected directly to the router, or via powerlines?
  2. Is the box connected to an outdoor terrestrial aerial?
  3. If you bring up the guide do you get any channels showing at all?
  4. If so, what number range do the appear in?
  5. You day apps do not work, what happens when you select iPlayer for example? A message to sign in or have you completed that step?

Have you tried a soft reset? To do this hold the power button on the front for around 10 seconds and the box should restart. 

If this doesn’t work then have you tried a YouView Maintenance Reset (

Try the Factory Reset keep recording option.

You will then need to reset your personal settings (such as parental controls / Se antenna Out to On in Settings: Picture and Sound / Surround Sound etc.) and also reset your scheduled recordings (might be worth taking a note of future recordings before doing this so you don’t miss any).

If all else fails then try a full factory reset from the settings menu. You will lose your recordings but you may be asked to do this before the OCE look at other alternatives.

If you can answer the questions p!ease and try the various resets, it will help in determining if the box is faulty and assist staff here in deciding the next steps.


Also, for a quicker reply can you please ensure you have your personal information up to date in your profile including your TalkTalk landline phone number so your account can be traced. Link here -
If you are unsure of your phone number, you can find this in My Account or dial 17070 from your landline phone and this will confirm the number for you.
Thank you

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It's just crap - no YouTube is a bit of an eye opener as well. 


I managed to set up my box, but now it's just dead, won't turn on at all, what do I do now? 

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Hi @Zcaprd78 
Please start your own thread as each case is considered unique and it is easier for support to be given to one person per thread and also less confusing.
To start your thread click the Browse button, then Help With Your Service and select the appropriate category. You will then see a Blue Button "Start A Topic"
Please also note that you should only post back on that thread and not start another on the same topic as multiple posts cause delay to you and others seeking help.
Thank you

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