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Losing Entertainment Boost vs NowTV


Hi all,


So, I've had emails and now a postcard from TalkTalk warning me that they are soon to scrap their Entertainment Boost add-ons.  The mailings suggest switching to a NowTV Entertainment Pass instead but I have serious concerns about this.

Well, I have two questions really;

1) Is there any way to continue getting both the W and Alibi (UKTV) pay-TV channels from TalkTalk as NowTV's package seems to be missing these and possibly a few other channels by comparison?

2) If there *isn't* a way to keep any pay-TV channels then does this mean our TalkTalk Box will essentially become a basic, run-of-the-mill Free/Youview box?

Given our Smart TV actually already has FreeSat built-in and gets all the terrestrial HD channels anyhow what's the point then in choosing TalkTalk over any other broadband provider as essentially that is all they would then be offering?

Many thanks.

Community Star



Answers are 1-no, 2- yes, but with access to the TalkTalk store.


TalkTalk have made a commercial decision to remove the boosts soon, so when your contract is up, yes you can look for other deals if TV is of prime concern as an add-on.



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Hi Steve,


Many thanks for confirming my suspicions/worries.  Your comment about 'TV as an add-on' strikes me as odd because for us (like a lot of friends and family) it was TalkTalk's brilliant value TV package that was our whole reason for switching across from being Sky customers a few years ago.  As we already have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus we've never had a call to use the 'TalkTalk Store' (or the Ratuken Store built-in to our TV either) and so that's not really relevant to us.

It really looks like a terrible decision commercially as there is now no obvious value to be had from TalkTalk's packages now they are becoming simply another of the myriad telecoms companies.  Actually, looking at U-Switch if we now decide to go all-in with 'Now Broadband' too then we could actually get over 60MB fibre broadband plus anytime calls for the same price as just 60-odd MB Fibre broadband from TalkTalk!?

It's a real shame as we've absolutely loved our TalkTalk TV and other things like this freindly community forum really did set it apart. 😕





Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Paul 


We have some great discounts towards Now TV content and our teams are working to redevelop our TV offerings for the near future.  There are some great plans in the works.





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