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wee charlie
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A went onto chat On Sat 18th July to discuss renewing my contract.

as I had the entertainment channel I was told that they have changed contracts and if I wanted to keep the entertainment  channel again I would have to take NOW TV.

I was unsure about this but was told it would be similar to what I had and would receive it the same way.

So I excepted that and was sent an email which I filled in all the requirements that were asked.

Now here is where the problem lies.....

 I did not realise it was an app !!! so when I am going into this app it is asking for passwords etc.

on doing that it is saying it does not recognise me !!!

So at the moment I do NOT have any entertainment channels as the previous one was stopped.

I have been with Talk, Talk for a long time and I am not happy about the change at all and the inconvenience of not having these channels.

can someone please get back to me so as to rectify all this.

Thank you.



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It was available for me at the time I selected the voucher for Sky Sports and both vouchers arrived in the same email.


Looking now I can still see the Sky Sports voucher available but, as you have found, no sign of the HD Boost voucher.


Interestingly it's also giving me the opportunity to subscribe to the Entertainment boost, which started this all off for you.


If you do go down the Now TV route you may well find an offer for the HD Boost directly from Now RV. There's an "Offers" banner under "Passes" on the Now TV site with an offer of £6 for 3 months (minimum term 1 month). I'll try to attach some screen shots showing this.  


Not sure why the discounted pass via the TalkTalk route has disappeared, sorry for the confusion!Screenshot 2020-07-21 at 10.49.15.pngScreenshot 2020-07-21 at 10.43.26.png


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Hi @John_G 

You mention the discounted Now TV HD Boost via TalkTalk for £1.98. Can I ask where that is seen? It is not listed with the other Now TV passes to choose from within my TalkTalk account. Is it available after you pick an entertainment or cinema pass? Thanks in advance.


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To access the Now TV entertainment channels you need to sign-up with Now TV - have you done this?


If so, ignore the rest of this message!


If not, if you log in to your TalkTalk account online, go to Manage TV Boosts.  From there you should be able to request a voucher for the Now TV Entertainment pass.  


Once you've received the voucher by email, click on the button in the email.  That will take you to the Now TV site where you can set up an account and buy the Entertainment pass at a reduced price.


After all that you should be able to log in to the Now TV App on your YouView box and watch the entertainment channels.


Note with Now TV there's also the option of getting the "Boost" pass (£1.98 a month through TalkTalk) which will give you the channels in HD.  The downside of Now TV is that you can't record the channels but there are box sets available.


Hope that helps.