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New TV Charges

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Hi I was sent a basic TV box that does not record, it was getting too hot and switching off so stopped using it as could be dangerous if left.

We got sent a new one but there was no TV guide on it making it useless, we were told it would get an auto update. Well we waited and kept trying for months but no TV guide so box was useless.

Well to our surprise I downloaded our bill as we do not get hard paper copies and hello hello we are being chared £4 for TV we dont even use as we get the same freeview channels from our Sony TV and do not wish to buy any others we do not need anything else on our bill.


So today I phoned to report we were being over charged for something we do not use to be called liars as they sent us an email back in January 2019. 


Oh no you didnt, I was an auditor for a cable company for ten years and always keep all our emails. So No you did'nt and I don't like your inference that we are liars.


So back to being overcharged on our bill. can we have my £4 knocked off my bill which is not due from my bank until the 18th February and it is now only the 11th.


Her answer no they canot change the amount we are being billed we should have notified them earlier?? Oh would that be with us using our crystal ball.??

So her answer was she could work out how much she could give us back this month as we did not give them enough notice?? give her 2 minutes to calculate. She came and started arguing again ?? I said how much are you going to reduce my 18th Februarys bill
she said £1. 58 and then £2.42 off next months bill. I said excuse me you introduced you could not reduce this months bill now you are saying you can reduce it by £1.58 that is contradictory and effectively means you Talktalk will have my £2.48 gaining interest along with probably thousands of others money who have not figgered out yet you have introduced a new charge and like us have not been sent this mystery email.

I have asked for this matter to be raised to the highest level in Talktalks management as I suspect it amounts to robbery.

I also want the answer in writing on an email so I can get our legal beaver to cast his eye over it. That is supposing their emails do not get lost again?

When this conract expires we may be going elsewhere as Talktalks charges are more than is now available out there for just phone email and broadband. Like most companies the new customers get the cheap deals and the loyal customers get rise after rise after rise.

The contact we are curently on is full of credits as we were missold a package we already had but was cheaper than the new one we were missold. They said we could have a faster broadband than the one we were on but in reality it was just the name of the package that was Faster broadband. It was exactly the same speed? then they said they could not put us back on the cheaper package we were on before as they said it is no longer sold??

And we were getting a lot of drops outs and slow or no speeds at all on broadband so another credit for that. As I said we would leave. Totaly disatisfied with being treated first like liars and then like we don't understand simple mathematics and how interest is acumulated on money being invested every night by the book keepers.


Support Team
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My colleagues have removed the upcoming TV charge from the account for you and have also raised a complaint for you.  This will be assigned to our complaints teams and they will contact you directly.





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