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New plus box - Old recordings

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What will happen with all the recordings on my old box when I replace it with the new plus box. Will these be forfeited or can they be saved in some way ?


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No it is currently not possible to transfer recordings and I believe that they are encoded to an individual box. If you do get a replacement box it is up to you to negotiate and see if you can retain the old box for an extended period to watch the programmes on the old box.


You have posted on an old post by somebody else so it is unlikely to be picked up by an OCE promptly and I am unable to escalate it for you from here. Please start your own thread for support. Also ensure that your PROFILE IS COMPLETED WITH AT LEAST YOUR PHONE NUMBER !!

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A couple of follow up questions on the same issue


Is it possible to copy recorded content from the old box to a hard drive or USB drive?


Alternatively, can you keep the old box connected just to the TV alongside the nex box to watch recorded content?




Support Team
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Hi @jayzed ,

As all programmes are stored on the TV box, when you replace your TV box they'll all be lost. It's a good time to watch any recorded programmes before you swap it over.