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No TV light on router

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One of the issues I'm currently having with my YV service is possibly related to the fact that there's no 'TV' light on the router. I have done the classic turn off, wait a bit, then turn it on but the TV light is still not on.


The box is showing a YVM104 fault and catch-up is not available through the guide. Everything else on the box ( a DN372) appears to be working. 


Is the TV light controlled by TT?


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Cool, glad you got it sorted.  🙂


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One rule I live by is, NEVER ASSUME. As an engineer up until retirement, everything had to be checked, because assuming something is going to be right isn't enough. CHECK!


So, all my checks (router logs, internet check, cable check, rebooting everything) missed one thing, because I assumed the wired connection to the router would just work; I had never done anything to set it up. In actual fact, (and when my wife had finished watching her program) when I went into the YV box settings there is a manual 'connect' function in the 'Broadband Connection' menu item. I tried it, and it connected! The TV light is now on.

Never had to do that before, ever.

All sorted, thanks for your help.


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Thanks for your reply.

The TV light has always been lit up until now. The router (an HG635) is on top of a kitchen cabinet and I have only ever seen the TV light off once before, a couple of years ago, and a restart fixed it.

I did all the usual checking things and turning off and on both the router and the YV box before I posted this question.

I noticed that none of the suggestions on the help pages refer to the TV light (which, obviously, the newest routers don't have) so I wondered if it is a TT thing.

Both the HG633 and 635 have a TV light, so I assumed it was just showing that the service is enabled. It's connected via ethernet, and there's been no change to the wiring since 2018.



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Have you checked out the YouView help article for this error code?


The TV light never lit up on my router either.