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No tv box internet connection?

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My new Router and TV decoder/tv recorder box (both recently supplied by TalkTalk were set up and left working to spec. as was the broadband ‘superfast’ line and router. 


However we have experienced at least four regular problems, but I will make separate posts for each:

Ignore 1) & 2) and 3) for now, but I note them in case it helps with diagnostics:

[1) poor quality signals / picture breakup on a few channels - intermittent

2) there are two internet mediated multi-channels which do not work at all - one says my fairly new TV’s Freeview is not compatible (I’ve checked and my tv is listed as compatible) the other that my ‘receiver’ is not compatible, despite being new: I can’t remember which is which, but I think 271 Channelbox is one and 264 VisionTV the other)] - permanent fault, since setup. 

3) using iPlayer or tv recorder (I can’t recall which, the latter probably) while trying to wind back to an exact point the picture freezes on one frame: I tried every possible action and trick (including off-wait-on for TV and TV recorder and wifi router) but it remained like that for hours even into the early morning; on both occasions normal service was resumed by dawn, sometime!

TT said no outages in my area, nothing wrong with my connection or box (which is so new, it has only a handful if recordings yet). - failt is intermittent/infrequent.]

Your help with this final point would be appreciated: 

4) intermittent, but annoyingly frequent fault: a significant number of channels (I have Entertainment Boost) in the Guide suddenly show ‘No information available’ and on being selected show error message ‘ ‘no internet connection’ and the message suggests I check all connections & reboot. I can’t list all the channels, but the top tens were fine, but then the frozen channels  included Eden, History, etc (they seem to have come back now) and Sky One (still ‘frozen’)...

There is nothing wrong in the reported status, signal strength, stability and up/down speeds to/from the router (I’ve done a full battery of tests) and restarted both the powerlink repeater and the tv box and checked the ethernet cables - to no avail. 

Of course, not only is the programme info unavailable, it is no longer possible for pre-arranged or ad hic recordings to take place. It strikes me as a TT tv supplier issue? 


Another annoyance from TalkTalk for this very disappointed new customer!


Cheers - thanks for reading, even more for replying! 


Marc Evans

Support Team
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No issues evident with the line, connection shows as in sync at 77mb.


Can you power off the TV box via the button at the back for 5 minutes, then back on and retest.


Please note - some freeview channels may not be compatible with the youview box as they require a different digital interface for the freeview signal.  Channels such as Vision TV etc.





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Support Team
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Hi @CitizenMarc 

I have passed this onto the team to pick up and take a look. Before we can look into your account please can you add your home phone number to your Community Profile so we can locate your details. Please do not post any personal info on here as it’s public.