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Was re newing my package and basically got lied to, everyone need to go onto now tv boosts now, so I asked does it record programme like normal boosts, as I wouldnt think it would, got told no different than what you already have, yes it will record..... lie.  ..

Plus you have to go on app to go to your channel ie sky witness, for that to only show you what your watching and the next programme, so I basically watch the entertainment boost channels all the time and now cant record these, so angry at the state of trying to watch tv jumping from app to tv guide, and getting charged for a service that doesnt provide..

Talk talk tv is rubbish now since having to use now tv


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I'm not sure it is mis selling as Now TV is widely known as a cut down version of sky with no recording and streaming either live or via catch up. However you say you did ask a specific question so hopefully this can be reviewed for you.


I have also raised this to the community team here, but all I think they can do is raise a concern and get a reminder out to telephone staff on the actual facts.


TalkTalk help page on this is here 


You can also view live via a smartphone or tablet via the Now App.


If you feel you have been mis sold, I suggest you speak to the loyalty team.


0345 172 0046 is currently working. Say "Loyalty Team" or "leaving TalkTalk" or "cancel TalkTalk" when prompted and you should get through to someone to talk to.
You may though have to listen to a few lengthy recorded messages, but if you persevere you should get through to someone.

They are currently working Monday - Friday 9am-7pm, and some Saturdays going forward.

Please remember to mark Solved Posts with Best Answer. Doing so helps other customers and saves TalkTalk's Support Team time by only looking at unsolved topics. Thanks, Steve (a fellow customer).