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Problem pairing remote to JVC LT 40VF890

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I have tried all numbers for JVC TV and none of them work. The remote blinks twice after every number but nothing happens. Is their anybody out there, that could help me please.

Amanda Bingham

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Thank you, I think I will just use two separate.

Amanda Bingham

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JVC are just a badge name nowadays and the TVs are made by Vestel. Try code 2811, it might work.




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The listing is supplied to TT by the manufacturers or importers so it is down to them if the information is not there. I should contact them and see if they have an update to the list. I believe that it's Currys PC World.


I have found that using separate remotes is the best solution as even if paired to a new TV the TT remote is very basic only controlling volume, off/on, channel selection and sometimes input source so I was forever reaching for the TV remote anyway as there was no control over the TV functions I often use.


I must confess that as I have a surround sound system, Bluray player, PVR recorder, Roku Box and second YV box it was worth me investing in a £50 Harmony remote as this does fully control all of them from one remote.

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