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First Timer
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Hi all, I’m a talktalk customer of many years now (quite why they deserve my loyalty and custom I have yet to find a rational answer to!?..). After a period of 36-48 hours recently of our modem/router showing the red light and having no internet connectivity, I am now finding a countless number of my recordings showing the error message ’failed to record’. Does anyone have any good advice as to what I can do to rectify this problem? I can’t stop thinking that if a provider of a service that we pay handsomely for, is failing to provide said service then instead of simply stating the obvious to their customers by way of a ‘failed to record’ message on each failed recording, they should be obliged to offer more information including not only what was the possible cause of this failure but also what the customer can do to ensure that this isn’t a persistent problem! I also have regular issues with recorded programs being of such poor quality (glitchy and pixelated) that I’m just unable to watch them. I’d love to know whether this is a signal/reception issue or an internet connectivity issue or something else altogether?.. when will talktalk start to show their paying customers some compassion, care and quality service? If anyone knows anything that might help to resolve any of these issues I would be so grateful. Vivien Stark (Bedford)

Viv Stark & Figgy the pooch.

Support Team
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Hi VStark


Line tests are clear at the moment, so not seeing an issue.


I've a new router on the way so we can rule out a fault with that and see if this improves the connection.


We are unable to restore failed recordings, but you can try a Youview Maintenance Reset  and set the box back up to see if it performs better.





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Hi @VStark 

I have escalated this for you,

Could you please ensure that your personal information is up to date in your profile including your registered telepnone number. This is only so that the support staff can link your profile to your account.
Link here -

If you are unsure of your phone number, you can find this in My Account or dial 17070 from your landline phone and this will confirm the number for you.
Thank you.

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