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With BGT over running last night Coronation Street (Yes it was on ITV player) was cut short on a recording. I have noticed similar on a sports events when it goes to extra time etc. 


Who/ what dictated when a recording stops. Wouldnt it be usefull if we could add a manual buffer of a couple of minutes? I seen similar features on Virgin Media and Freeview recording boxes in the past. 


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Thanks for tsking the time to reply.


I suppose the answer to that question would be down to the individual user. 


As the box is capable of recording 2 channels so it would only be affected when recording back to back.


Again. If the function was availible it could be left down to the individual user to activate it or not. Perhaps one for the siggestions. 







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There is a signal sent by the TV company that aligns with the start / end of a programme. Youview and talktalk have no control over this.


When programmes over run the signal should be reset, and in most cases is. Seems ITV failed to do so this time.


Buffers have been raised before, but not as easy as you'd think. For example, what do you do VB if you have programmes set to record on different channels, one ending one beginning, and the other tuner recording a third channel? Miss the start of one or the end of the other?


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