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Renewal of Internet (with TalkTalk) and Youview box no longer working

First Timer
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I've just renewed my subscription with TalkTalk and my youview box no longer works (No or weak signal). I was told about data only internet but surely the youview box will still work as I use this for basic channels and to use Netflix? 


Any help or advice much appreciated!


Support Team
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Hi BoltonKop


As my colleagues have advised, renewal of the contract will not affect the working of the TV box. Please check the aerial directly to your TV as advised and let me know what happens.





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Hi @BoltonKop 

Do your NETFLIX and other ON DEMAND services still work?


For the "No signal, weak signal" message @fr8ys has answered this fully.


The Storms have knocked out a lot of transmitters though so maybe give it a bit longer than 24 hours would be recommended, also don't try retuning currently as the results will not give accurate results until the transmitters are fully up and running properly.

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No or weak signal suggests and aerial issue?


What happens if you bypass the box and plug the aerial directly into the TV. Do you get all channels? Is the signal weak there too (do you have the ability on your TV to check signal strength etc.


If its poor, you will need to consult a local engineer.


It may be weather related, so leave it 24 hours and see if the signal improves.


You could try a retune too. If you do, retune first with the aerial disconnected to clear the memory, the reattach the aerial and retune again.


Let us know how you get on and if your TV receives channels ok with the box disconnected.


Please note that if you are eligible for a new box, TalkTalk now only supply non recordable ones., So it's best to try all alternatives if recording is important to you.

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