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First Timer
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I am a new TV customer.


So am I right in thinking then that :

A) I cannot record TV programs even though the instructions on the STB says I can using the guide.

b) I can only pause live TV fast forward and rewind.

C) I have the apps which I can use to watch whatever I want

D) the box is basically a brick because I cannot record and I'm better off using my 4K firestick and I can insert a HDD into my USB in order to record TV as I have a smart TV with apps.

Also the PIN I was sent in order to purchase boosts, rent films etc is also redundant.


If this is the case then I will need to cancel because it's not working as expected. I was hoping to plan and record programs but the STB is incapable of doing so.


Can someone clarify the above for me please as I think I'm better off using my Amazon 4K firestick, smart TV features with many apps and an ability to record any channel using a USB HDD.




Many thanks Elliot

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So you have a recording box?


What channel was Bobs burgers recorded on? If on a subscription channel do you currently subscribe to the Entertainment boost or have you cancelled this boost? If you cancel a boost you will cease to be able to watch any recorded content from those channels as well.


If from a terrestial channel then I should try a Maintenance reset option 2 :


Option 2 Keeps your recordings and patches/reinstalls  the latest Software/hardware for the box.


If this doesn't fix it then a Full Factory Reset from the main menu should be tried although you will lose any recordings it will fully format the hard drive and reinstall the box software.

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First Timer
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Such a shame. 

Strangely I was able to briefly record Bob's Burgers. Then the device updated and then poof, gone.


How do I cancel? Just call them up I guess.

Many thanks Elliot

Support Team
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TalkTalk no longer provide a recording box. The box does have all the usual on demand apps, Netflix and Now TV apps.


Boosts and rentable content are no longer available however you can rent and purchase content from the likes of Amazon and Netflix etc.




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