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Sky Sports Question

Whizz Kid
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My Sky Sports subscription ends on the 13th June. I have been on a 18 month reduced priced contract, paying £10.50 per month. I am quite happy to pay this, as the picture quality is very poor, so no way is it worth the £36 normal rate.


With live premiership football returning on the 17th June, I am in a dilemma, as it has been suspended for two months, will my end date be extended by that amount?  No way will I pay the full amount, I will also cancel the TT TV subscription of £4, as the only reason I pay it is I need to for the Sky Sports.


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@dougan1963 @cforum  when ur contract is near the end u can chat with or talk with customer loyalty they will give u best offer on what u need even offer u a deal not on the market.


do not always take the 1st offer


also check the offers on at the time to use. also check the boosts page for any offer on

Hope that help Regards Joe
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I was thinking the same, but decided it was best to cancel, as you may be changed the full price, depends when TT issues the monthly bill.


You can always try to negotiate a deal afterwards.


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Hi Karl,

Thanks for the information.

Can I expect an email from Talktalk with a new offer in the coming weeks before my existing offer expires, or will it just revert to the full price?


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I have now cancelled the Sky Sports boost, shame, as I would have carried on for £10.50 a month, no way is it worth £34! 


What is the quickest/easiest way of removing TT TV? As I won't need this now as I no longer have Sky Sports.


Support Team
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The offer price would come to an end on the agreed date.  As customers have been given an option to pause the payment from April, this will resume again next month, but the offer will end and the price revert to a normal price on the agreed date.





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First Timer
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I am in almost exactly the same predicament. 


I've not received any email from Talktalk to tell me that the boost discounted price is going to end and I don't know what to do either.


I don't want to keep the boost and pay full price, but I've had no information on what is going to happen after the boost discount expires as it has been on pause for the last 2 months.


I too would also cancel TT TV subscription as that was made a requirement for the boosts last year.