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Sky channels missing

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Suddenly all my sky channels disappear fir no reason including my sky sports boots . I did tried evrything people suggested on the forum but still not working .also rang talktalk twice but all i git is please hold the line and we will identify whats happened????OMG weird that everythingelse still ok but only the sky channels missing .PLz anyone could help with this situation ????im so fed up calling them and explain everything again and again
Dear talktalk
Could u do sonething for your loyal customers plz?????

Problem Solver
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Have you tried a reboot?  That is switching the box off at the mains socket.


I'd also suggest trying to perform a software update as people have been posting that a software update appears to help.  Your software may be up to date already but forcing the box to check for a new version may also help.


If neither of these work can you post your ISP Config here for the OCEs.


OCE Karl posted how to do this for another forum member


 "Give the suggestion a try, is still missing, can you tell me the current ISP Config : 


Y Button > Settings > System Information > Software Versions


This should be a 7 digit number.