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I have liked TalkTalk, actually respected TalkTalk for keeping Broadband Costs low without sacrificing quality and Value for money, during the lockdown no drop-in service and I was expecting it to go down, as more using it during the day and more on Zoom or equivalent service.


The TV service was great neatly organised, easy to store recordings and nice to have my own TV Channel of recorded programs when I am ready,   Many people love recording when SKY started offering a recording service many people use to say let's SKY+ it.    But as we know SKY and Virgin are expensive and it was good to see YOUVIEW come on board, but lately, TalkTalk seems to have given up on the TV, with recording boxes no longer sent and its add on boosts gone,  but the advert when you have to reset the box still advertising wrong stuff such as boosts, is not good, false advertising the ASA would say I feel.   


It looks like to me but I could be wrong that TT is giving up on the TV Side, having been recently sold off to a private equity firm I wonder if TT is again for sale and will be sold off to BT as they currently run the remote record APP,  which is not good for marketing TT services.


No new updates, no announcements from TT and the disappearance of the Recording box from the TT lineup.   Customers want  Broadband, Mobile and TV Record services.


TT no longer offer Mobile and you have to go to O2 

TT no longer offer Record TV plus service and you have to go to SKY, BT, HUMAX, or what looks very good is Manhattan TV plus box similar to YouView and the guide looks 99% the same.


Many people today do not want to pay for SKY, Virgin and BT are fairly hefty price wise 

People loved TT for good quality and value 

People love to Record and the remote record facility but to remote record, you have to go to BT and new customers who want a plus box can not get one, with no news of a new service coming soon.  with Freesat service branded as poor on trust pilot bu 94% and sky and virgin expensive many relied on TT for great value and quality with the ability to record.


TV with TT was once very good, but with the disappearance of boosts, taking away the record facility means upsetting customers, losing customers and market share falling in my opinion.


If you are introducing new features,  you need at least online via your webpage to say we have removed the recording boxes as a new TV service will be coming soon, if this is the case.  Keeping existing customers informed keeps customers, you do not have to share all details but have to share some or lose customers.


If you have simply removed the recording feature then I am gone as a customer as will many others as these current boxes often go wrong and if I can't get a replacement if required I will not stay a TalkTalk customer.


Now TV available in most smart TVs and via smart sticks but the reason many people liked YouView with TalkTalk was the boosts yet they have gone, but more the ability to record.


If we want  NOW  we can get NOW at various prices via SKY, BT, and other platforms 


What TalkTalk need is to improve fast the TV service offer a recording service or risk losing a chunk of the market, Landlines are old hat no one really uses them apart from elderly people and the odd exception, it is about Mobile, TV and Broadband and if TT does not change fast then you will see customers drop, with BT making a bigger impact into TV with new boxes, recording, sports and wireless boxes more people may change.


What we want is the VALUE and QUALITY to remain but a better TV Service allowing Customers to record if this service has gone then so will a load of customers.     We know the service of Carphone Warehouse and Dixons will be gone but will the good name of TalkTalk that was established to bring Value and Quality to peoples homes and businesses be bowing out or sold off.     It will be a shame for the UK and your staff and customers.


TalkTalk needs a new advertising campaign and needs to update us on what is going on with the TV service, why have you stopped the plus boxes?   


With BT now running the remote record app - giving them the ability to advertise their TV Line up and services to your customers is wrong and I wonder why any company would do this!


TalkTalk for everyone but not if you want a TV plus box 

With TalkTalk YOUVIEW but no longer obtain a  youview-record + box.


What is going wrong with TalkTalk, heading for decline unless you change and do something very fast.  YOU-give up - you-lose customers, you lose money, you lose the investment, you need to TalkTalk to your customers and keep the recording service or introduce something even better or risk losing money and seeing many a customer leave.  


TalkTalk needs to act fast to save the business and customers leaving for companies that do offer recording TV boxes like BT, Manhattan-Freeview Play.


YouView but YOU-Can't get a  TalkTalk Plus box at present from TT WHY?  is TT in decline









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@TVPLUS or why not get ur own box that is what we have done and works fine got one from john lewis that records 4 programmes at once 

Hope that help Regards Joe
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