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TV YouView box turns on but automatically turns off after loading.

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Hello, wondering about how I would get a replacement youview box, box turns its self on does the ''loading'' screens repeatedly gets all the way to loading and then shuts its self off and we have to repeat over and over again, trying to load settings to factory reset does nothing because the box crashes before it can load anything, replaced the wires, turned the router on and off, dunked it in holy water and the thing still won't turn on.


Tried to use the LiveChat but for some reason it doesn't ''pop up'' and I hate talking to people on the phone because they always try and sell you something, any advice appreciated!


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That's disappointing, I will just use the normal TV until the contract expires in 3 months and then swap over to someone else and get a new box that way, thanks for your response!


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If you have tried factory reset lose recordings, then I'd say your box has had it 


Please note that if you are eligible for a new box, TalkTalk now only supply non recordable ones., So it's best to try all alternatives if recording is important to you, so give the factory reset another go.


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