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TV box no longer has a working tv aerial output and goes to sleep.

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The broken output was reported to 2 agents in December.  They each tried unsuccessfully to do a remote diagnosis.  I can supply the transcripts.  Since then we gave been forced to use the box for all tv watching.  The trouble with that is that the box keeps freezing and then has to be rebooted and takes 5 mins to wake up again.  This is annoying.  It also often fails to record scheduled programs due to freezing.  Have tried factory reset.  Software shows as up to date.

have now disconnected box and plugged aerial into TV direct.  Will cancel subscription if not sorted soon.


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No thank you.  I do not want a non recording box.  I have cancelled the entertainment boost and the box now remains permanently disconnected.  The non recording box mainly repeats what I already have on my Smart TV and does not make sense for me.  We used the recording feature on the old box to allow TV to be watched during zoom calls etc due to the poor connection here and current lack of availability of fibre via talk talk despite the system coming into my garden.

Thank you for the offer.


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Hi Steve


I can send a replacement box.  This would be the Lite Box (non recording) as TalkTalk no longer provide a recording box.


Would you like me to dispatch this ?





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Support is only given within the threads and not by private messages, unless you have been requested to do so, nor by replying to notification emails.


You will now be in the queue for a response from the OCE, so await their response.


Thank you

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Yes you should have posted here, the emails are for notification only and come from a no-reply address. I have re-escalated your topic for you as it has probably dropped out of the workflow. 


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I sent the reply posted below by e-mail over a month ago on 24 Feb but haven't heard any more so wonder if I should have posted it here instead?  I have now unplugged the box from the mains because I was worried it was a fire hazard.  I am getting fed up about paying for your TV service that I can't use.

Thank you, Steve

Hello Michelle

The box is still connected to the router and mains and to the TV by HDMI.  The aerial is disconnected from the box and plugged straight into the TV.  It is theoretically still possible to watch HDD recorded programs (but not to record new ones).  However, the unpredictable going to sleep is now making it a chore even to do that.  So many reboots!  I turned off the sleep at night feature but it made no difference.  The reboot starts the long wakeup sequence whatever.  It works fine after the reboot (apart from the lack of aerial output) and some occasional jerkiness in playback.  When it was connected to the aerial it often failed to record due to freezing.

We had limped on after December (see scans of the two chat logs attached – each chat ended at the “check”  I tried chatting back but did not get any response) using the box to watch all live TV but the need for reboots and the long wakeup time means we have got fed up with that tactic now and rerouted the aerial to the TV.  It seems clear to me that the aerial amplifier has failed.  I don’t know what is also causing the freezing up.  But the first fault makes the box pretty useless anyway.

I believe I either need a new box or a new TV /broadband supplier.  Which is it to be please?

Thank you



Support Team
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Hi Stevie,


How are you getting on?





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Did you remember to turn Antenna out back on following the factory reset?


Select menu or the blue button from your TV remote

If you can see settings on the far right select this. If not and you have a cog wheel in the top right hand corner, Use the up arrow to select the cog and then Ok.

From here you should see on the 2 row of tiles a category called Picture and Sound. Select this.

Then you should see Antenna Out on the bottom row. Select this and turn the off to on. Then select done.

Your TV should now have a signal and show the channels.

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