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Talk Talk TV box no longer recording or playing back old recordings

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As in the title my Youview box is no longer recording, it tells me it is but then comes up recording failed.


Also if I try to watch anything Ive previously recorded, it just comes up with a black screen.


It cant be the internet connection as Netflix etc is still working, it's just the recordable part of the service.


Can anyone help please?


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Glad you got this working.





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Hi sorry about the late reply but finally got it working again by following your post - it was the full factory reset that sorted it out in the end. So thanks for that, I have a happy daughter recording all manner of weird programmes again 😀


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Have you tried a soft reset? To do this hold the power button on the front for around 10 seconds and the box should restart. Alternatively, you can turn off from the back and power back on.

If this doesn’t work then have you tried a YouView Maintenance Reset (

Try the Factory Reset keep recording option.

You will then need to reset your personal settings (such as parental controls / Set antenna Out to On in Settings: Picture and Sound / Surround Sound etc.) and also reset your scheduled recordings (might be worth taking a note of future recordings before doing this so you don’t miss any).

If all else fails then try a full factory reset from the settings menu. You will lose your recordings but you may be asked to do this before the OCE look at other alternatives.h


also TalkTalk are no longer providing recordable boxes, so trying these is your only option if you wish to record.

Hope it works but if not then please let us know and I’ll flag for further assistance.

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