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TalkTalk Huawei DN370T YouView box software update fails

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I've got a TalkTalk Huawei DN370T YouView box. It hadn't been powered on for a good while (more than a year maybe) so the software was not up to date. I tried to force a software update via the menus but it kept failing (at around 76%). I did a factory reset via YouView Maintenance Reset but the software update keeps failing at the same point. The version of the software before I carried out the factory reset was more up to date than the version after the factory reset.


The recorder works but it is very slow to move through menus.


Device Information DN370T.02.04.P

Software Versions LAST UPDATED: NEVER

Manufacturer software: 70.42.57

Component software: 3.4.47

Platform configuration: 3034

ISP configuration: 0


As the YouView box won't successfully update the software via the normal menu based method is there a way to download the software from the internet so I could try to install it directly via a USB memory stick?


Can someone help please? I've had a good search on the internet but I couldn't find a solution to this issue.


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Quite right @fre55die, brain freeze on my part. 


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Sorry to correct you on this but, Option 2 is the recommended option on this and has been for some time :

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There won't be, your box will not get any more updates.


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I'll know for next time (hopefully there won't be a next time).


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Option 4 is the first one recommended on both TalkTalk and YouView help pages.  🙂


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I had tried Maintenance Mode reset before but I'd tried option 1, 2 and 3 before. Once one of those options got it "working" a few months ago I didn't try option 4 or 5.


Options: -

1. Software Reset

2. Factory Reset , keep recordings (recommended)

3. Factory Reset, delete recordings (if option 2 doesn't resolve your issue)

4. Internet / USB recovery, keep recordings

5. Internet / USB recovery , delete recordings


Option 4 and 5 aren't that obvious an option to select with their mention of USB recovery. You'd think option 1, 2 and 3 would involve the internet connection but obviously not. Anyway, it's sorted now.


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Ah, nice one. But I thought you had tried a Maintenance Mode reset already? Never mind, got there in the end.


If you find the box is serviceable, albeit slow, then that's about as much as you can do. An upgrade is only realistically available via BT, or on the previously owned market as mentioned by @fr8ys .


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Thanks to everyone who responded.


I've managed to get the DN370T up to date.

I followed the instructions listed in the discussion here: -


I had to put the DN370T into Maintenance mode then select the "Internet / USB recovery, keep recordings" option.


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The 370T and Humax T1000 series are notoriously slow, and rheir hardware is now at a stage where they can no linger be updated.


new boxes are no longer being made, and retail versions have disappeared from the Humax site.


only BT recordable boxes are being produced now by Humax. These are 4k ready and pop up on ebay quite often.


if you are going to buy a box, Humax ones are more reliable, but make sure it is a T2*** ot T4*** series. The latter will be BT branded. If buying a talktalk one, you want a DN 372T model.


all will function on the TalkTalk network

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Yes, recordings are listed as text (no preview image).


It's super slow to operate though, e.g. 20 seconds from pressing a button to the response sometimes longer.


I tried a factory reset several times when I first resurrected the box a few months ago.


I've found a related discussion here where a factory reset resolved their issue: -


I've looked at a replacement YouView recorder and they cost around £180 new. That seems a lot to me considering the technology involved (a HD and TV tuners). YouView recorders seem to be a niche product these days. Replaced by Apps which is fine but you can't fast forward the adverts on the Apps.


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Yes, I wondered if the version of the software on my DN370T is too old i.e. the software updates available online via the DN370T update menu does not go back far enough. It's annoying that it gets to 76% every time before failing rather than just fail the software update instantly.


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So if you go to your recordings do you have these as a list or as oblong tiles.


If you have the former, then yes it's not updated, but some would kill to still have this!


Have you tried doing a factory reset from the settings menu?


You will lose recordings but may work.


As said some would be envious if you have the old generation software. Please also aware that if it's working it may be best to leave as is, as trying to update may break the box and TalkTalk no longer provide recordable boxes.

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I just wonder as the box has not been connected for some time and is no longer supported whether the updates are no longer pushed, perhaps posting directly on the YouView community might help?


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Thanks for the reply.


I've been using it for a month or two and it has been connected to the internet all that time. It has never successfully updated the software.


It works (very slowly) but it has what I believe to be possibly the original YouView user interface.


The version of software on my DN370T is a long way behind the current version.

On August 27th, 2020 the latest version of the software for the DN370T was released: -

TALKTALK SOFTWARE UPDATE 70.45.159 / 3.3.164

Manufacturer software: 29.107.0
Component software: 3.3.164


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No, you can't update via USB. You need an internet connection for it to update, and also first set up.


From the sounds of it you have the box working as you are quoting software versions, it's just that the software version is not what you are expecting it to be.  Is that so? If so the box is pulling through the latest version it can download, but not the latest version according to the YouView website.


it may be it needs to update in increments, so I suggest leaving the box in standby overnight to see if it does update, although checking for an update via settings should work. Try a soft reset, by holding the on button until the box reboots, then try and update from the settings menu. Otherwise leave overnight

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