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TalkTalk Lineup of service poor these days, slow and consumers are getting bored.

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TalkTalk use to be a very innovative company, with excellent marketing, a good range of products that interest the consumer and make the competition worry as they can't offer the same for the value price. The TV service 'YouView' via TalkTalk got so many positive reviews, easy to use, good menu/interface and is regularly updated. Boosts worthy of using and all in one easy to use interface. Over the last 3 possibly 4 years the company it appears has been winding down YouView and promising a new TV box but this has not happened.  


However we see BT with new TV boxes, 4k, Sports and a range of TV, Mobile and Broadband services and some competitive prices, we are seeing Virgin Media Merge with O2 to offer a great range of services.


EE now offers a good range as they are now connected with BT. TalkTalk was known for Gread Broadband (Yes the broadband service with TalkTalk is excellent) but many people today do not need a landline and want a good range of mobile services, the ability to record TV and a remote record service but TT that once had these great services has not enhanced on it but decided to stop/slow this down in favour of a streaming box that does little more if anything that the major 'Smart TV' providers are not already doing.


TalkTalk still offers great value for Broadband but is this enough to keep their consumers interested as we have been used to YouView and want a great TV service. Many are fed up with expensive SKY and Virgin.


Today our lives are a lot different than they were 3 years ago, with peoples TV, Broadband and Mobile use changing. More and more people work at home so TalkTalk does offer excellent Broadband and great prices, however, the once-loved TV service has not been updated and is looking tired. unfortunately for Broadband companies today the consumers expect more than broadband from their provider. With TalkTalk slowly stopping it You|View service in favour of what I believe to be a worse platform that is no better than a SMART TV and a streaming service with an extremely basic recording feature, mainly a streaming box. What makes the new Netflix 4K that consumers think and what media is reporting to be TalkTalk new TV service any better than my SMART TV. The company when I asked said it is 4k but what terrestrial channel offers 4k (NONE). TO get 4k you need to subscribe to Prime, Netflix, or view on YouView.


Most 4k TVs upscale to near 4k so a 4k box does not add much wow factor.


Without a PVR recording service, it is no different to many other TV boxes, you can get this without the need for a big box with Amazon Fire Stick no plugs and get many of the same services and a good interface for a one-off price, but if you have a SMART TV (Majority do these days) then do you need this Netgem box I am not sure many do.  


If the new Netgem 4k offered a good recording service, series links, accurate recordings along with a remote record app then it offers more than a smart TV, with a USB stick yes you can record but I can do the same via the majority of SMART TVs without the need for another plug saving me electricity and no need to find space for a box.


What is the advantage of Netgem 4k over YouView - you lose with Netgem the majority of the great PVR recording service, you become more reliant on TV schedules as you can only record one show if you have the right USB stick with Netgem and you can't record more than one show at a time, plus if you have a family and they come into the room and turn on the TV not realising you have a recording set then they can easily mess up your recording as you can't watch another channel if you are recording which is bonkers today.


TalkTalk needs to change and adapt to what consumers want, yes as a company you deliver great broadband but you have not grown with the times like other firms like BT-EE, VIRGIN-O2.


With the demise of TalkTalk-YouView will see more customers move to BT, SKY or Virgin because in most SMART TVs you have built-in streaming services, with my LG TV I have all the main catch up services including Disney, Britbox, Prime, Netflix, Rakuten, BBC, ITV, All4 My5 along with YouTube, Internet Browser and others - with the ability to record to a USB stick. ( I use YouView to record) as it is good and I do not need to bother with USB Sticks, but if the YouView service closes down with TalkTalk I think I will look for another PVR provider and take my service and Broadband to them.


I have always believed in TalkTalk as it was a very innovative company and still does offer great Broadband but TV and Mobile service fall below par and why as a TalkTalk customer do I have to use a BT app to remote record - makes no marketing sense! If improvements do not happen soon I can see many consumers getting bored and moving to companies like BT-EE, Virgin-02 who are offering a much better TV and Mobile lineup for their customers.


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Ah, to be corporate gods, worthy of 6/7 figure salaries, who lurch one way then the other in pursuit of their own bonuses and yet are regularly exposed as not having a clue as to what they are doing.  😎

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I agree with you.


In particular, that those users that do have the current generation of Freeview Play TV's will wonder why TalkTalk is still paying for the YouView platform. But like all technology, even though it's outdated, the TV Boxes will carry on for some years yet.


TalkTalk has yet to announce its new TV packages and so we don't know whether the accompanying hardware (predicted to be Technicolor Android 10 TV Box or Netgem 4K TV Netbox) is going to be exactly the same as used elsewhere or if there are enhancements to make it more worthwhile for TalkTalk customers.


TalkTalk Mobile have a deal arranged with O2 for TalkTalk Consumer home broadband customers. Also have stated in the 2021 Annual Report that a new MVNO mobile deal has been signed that reverses a previous decision to close down the TalkTalk Mobile business. What exactly this will mean has yet to be announced.


In summary, changes are on the way. You'll have to be on the lookout for announcements.

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Hi,  YouView via TalkTalk was a brilliant service and did exactly what it was set up to do.   With  TalkTalk you get excellent Broadband, if you need a landline you get good landline services.  However today:


1) Many do not require Landline - they want a good mobile service and TalkTalk are not yet great with mobile services and need to compete with BT who are with EE,  Virgin who have merged with O2.

2)  TV service - was once great with TalkTalk excellent boosts, great interface but this has been left and has become poor offering 

3) Netgem - offers not much more than a Smart TV already offers.   No USP not decent recording PVR service 


With the demise of the landline and more people wanting mobile phone services at present TalkTalk lose out.


With BT growing its line up with EE for good Broadband, TV, MOBILE and Virgin getting together with O2 


TalkTalk have let their lineup slip 

TalkTalk Consumers are getting bored and may look elsewhere for a better TV and Mobile service.


Broadband is good with TalkTalk but the competition is getting better 


Without Mobile and decent TV services TalkTalk Consumers may leave and consumer a service that offers more mobile and TV services.   The landline is dead, Broadband speeds are more consistent with all the brands today.


If TalkTalk stays still for too long more customers will take their services elsewhere.


YouView via TalkTalk no longer gets boosts, or any updates in a long while and NETGEM offers not much more if anything than what a SMART TV already offers,  with TalkTalk new venture into NEGEM streaming TV you lose decent PVR functionality, can only stream certain channels and your SMART TV is probably offering most of what the NETGEM box offers without the need of plugs, USB drives and additional box.