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TalkTalk TV

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What is TalkTalk TV?


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You could have asked an easier one like "What's the meaning of life?"  😀


I'll give it an unofficial go, others may do better:


  1. It can refer to the ability all TalkTalk customers have to rent movies from TalkTalk, there is no ongoing monthly cost for this.
  2. It can refer to the service for which customers usually pay £4 a month which gives them access to a monthly voucher for a movie from the service mentioned in point 1.  The payment also seems to give customers with set top boxes a greater level of service for replacements when a box fails, though this seems to be an unofficial benefit.
  3. It can refer to the service provided by a TalkTalk set top box.  The cost of these boxes is open to negotiation with TalkTalk, but £25, possibly tied in to the £4 a month fee, seems to be common.  The current box is somewhat aged but allows access to Freeview HD and various streaming apps, some of which require an additional subscription.  The box also has a buffer to allow the pausing of live TV.  The current offering does not record.


That's the best I can do.  Quite what TalkTalk TV is has changed over time and may well change in the future.  It's also a term used to refer to different aspects of TalkTalk's offering, so is often confusing.  To me anyway!


So, if you weren't confused before, you should be now!  😀