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Tv box set up will it had hd bbc

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I have just moved house and do not receive bbc hd or itv hd with my normal tv aerial  due to the area I live in but I get catch up tv and all apps and Netflix on my Panasonic tv without the talktalk box. If I re install my box would this result in me getting bbc and itv hd then or will it still be without hd?


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Thanks so much. 


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Not your incompetence, my incorrect assumption.  I've just checked and it would appear that while BBC iPlayer allows one to watch live TV the ITV equivalent only provides catch up.  So come Sunday you will need to watch the final on BBC.

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Thankyou for the reply and info. My neighbours get their tv through sky. I think its a weak reception area. I will obviously need to call an aerial person. I tried watching the football tonight through iplayer but could not find the live section on. My incompetence I suppose. Cheers.


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@TyMelinif your TV can't pickup the channels via the aerial then it is extremely unlikely that the TalkTalk set top box will be able to.   If the reason you can't pickup the HD channels is because the signal is too weak then using a high gain aerial and amplifier might enable you to pick up the signal.  You would need to consult with a competent aerial installer to determine what, if anything, can be done.  If the HD signal is nonexistent then there is nothing you can do other than use the relevant player to watch the channel.   Eg for the BBC HD channels you can watch them live via iPlayer on your TV.


Also if your neighbours can't get the channels via an aerial then neither will you, but if they can then something may be able to be done.