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Tv signal lost being lost same time every night.

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For about the past week now every night between 9.15pm-9.45pm i lose my tv signal it breaks up and becomes unwatchable. I have checked my cables retuned my box still nothing I have a tv booster as I live in a flat and use shared aerial ive never had any problems before now. My tv signal is fine until 9pm ish im starting to think that maybe someone in my building where I live could be using something that interferes with it or could my box be faulty I dunno I dont understand it. Can anyone help or should I contact talk talk.? I can watch things like netflix,  prime  nowtv but not normal tv.


Support Team
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Hi Emad1980


As fre55die advises, this does sound like interference if this is affecting the freeview signal.


Freeview signals are over the air, and can be affected by any type of transmitter device that is used nearby.





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Hi @Emad1980 


This does sound like interference from within your block,but external to your flat, which, unfortunately TT will not be able to help you with. Is it only the Freeview channels? If so I should contact your landlords who should appoint an aerial engineer to investigate it for you. Are any other tenants experiencing this problems? 30 minutes, sounds like a Microwave programme, a Washer/dryer routine or possibly Fan heaters, any of which could be causing this. I am guessing that you have none of these running in your own flat. The only thing that I have experienced like this in my place is an old Petrol Lawn mower being run by a neighbor.??

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