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Who owns the TV box out of contract

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I've just finished a chat with a talktalk rep and have been told that if I leave, I'll have to pay £50 to keep the Talktalk Youview box.


I've been with talktalk for well over 15 years and can't believe I have to pay for the box!!


I've attached the transcript from the conversation (BELOW) and any help would be greatly appreciated. 


TalkTalk: Hi, welcome to TalkTalk. One of our agents will be with you shortly. Please be aware that your position in the chat queue is 1.

Changes to your account will only be made when confirmed in this chat.  If for any reason your chat ends before receiving confirmation, please chat back.

This conversation will be recorded for training and monitoring purposes and may be used in the future to help us deal with your queries quicker. To find out how we will use your data, visit

TalkTalk: You are now through to lenda from Technical Support.

Good Morning Brian, Thank you for contacting TalkTalk. You're through to Lenda from Technical Support & Customer Services. How can I help you today?

Brian Irvine: Good afternoon. I was wondering, as I'm at the end if my contract, are both the router and talktalk tv box now mine to keep?

I hope you're well Brian, Please be advised that TalkTalk requests for customers to return their equipment at the end of their contract for the equipment to recycled and to avoid a charge of £50.00 for equipment not returned.

Brian Irvine: Even though I have been with Talktalk for well over 10 years?
Brian Irvine: I'm confused as talktalk forums are saying they are now mine.
Brian Irvine: Hello?
lenda: I am still on the chat Bria.
Brian Irvine: 👌

Just to explain a bit further Brian with regards to the equipment. When your contract ends and you disconnect your services you will then need to return your equipment to avoid being charged. And if your contract end with TalkTalk and you do not disconnect your services with TalkTalk. Your monthly charge will now revert to the initial core price and you will be out of commitment but still you will be using your services.

Brian Irvine: Well, I think your incorrect. I'll be taking this further as my original contract ( from 15 years ago) states the equipment is mine.
Brian Irvine: Thank you for your time. I have saved this conversation as screenshots as evidence.

You can have a copy of this chat emailed to you by clicking on the plus button on the bottom left of your chat window, then selecting the 'email transcript' option.





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Oh, so they replaced my faulty talktalk box 3 years ago... so they can have it back. Haha. Thanks very much for the speedy reply.

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If you were sent the Wi-Fi Hub at the start of a previous minimum term contract that you completed in full and that equipment has not been replaced or exchanged then the Wi-Fi Hub is yours as per the contract T&C's. 

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