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YVM102 code showing, no tv light on router?

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Yesterday I started getting a message on my tv screen saying the tv box couldn’t connect to the internet and giving me the yvm102 code. I went to the talk and followed the instructions. Nothing different. The power line adapters only had the two outer lights showing and the little tv light on the router was not illuminated. Thinking it might have been dodgy internet connection, I just left it overnight. Today the problem is the same. I have tried all the steps on the help page but now both the tv and the ethernet lights are not illuminated on the router. I have gone into settings on the Youview box and it is trying to connect to the router but nothing is happening. Can you offer any advice please?


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Hi @Sez99 


Have you tried unplugging the Power Line Adaptors and putting them into different plug sockets next to each other then re-pairing them.

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