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You View box freezing/crashing

First Timer
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My Huawai youview box has been having an issue for some time now.

When tryting to watch any of the apps ,like 'one" or 4OD. or any recording, the screen at interviews go blank for a second then comes back, even though the program has continued.  It happens more frequently as you watch it and for longer periods until eventually the screen stays black and the box has to be re-started.

Turning off and on using the remote does nothing to help. Turning off all power and restarting helps for a while, and doing a reset where i lose all recordings and schedules helped for about a day until the issue returned. 

As I said this has been going on for some time and I have even replaced all of the cables from / to the box ,plus switched which ports on the TV its connected to, in case it was that  which it was not.

Please could you advise what can be done other than having to reset the box or turn it on and off every few minutes. 

Please also note that I have not had this new box for that long as I was sent a new one as I was told that I had an old one and getting a newer one for free....  seems like the new one is not as good as the old one.

Many thanks in advance for your help.



Support Team
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Hi Lee, 


Try a Youview Maintenance Reset  and see if this helps.





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