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YouView TV Plus box

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I've recently signed up to TalkTalk, but the box I've received is a standard non-recordable box. I've been told that TalkTalk no longer offer the YouView TV Plus box that I can record programmes on. Rather than cancel my service (as this is a bit of a deal breaker for me), is there any way I can get hold of one, and if so, would it work if I just plugged it in?


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Hi @kevin_s 

As @Birchcroft says I have been using Humax T2000's for many years and the only thing that I don't get is AMAZON prime but, that is widely available. Make sure that you don't buy the T1000's though as they are no longer supported, also the older Huawei's are no longer supported so a number of features are missing from BOTH of these. Another thing to make sure of currently is that it is a YOUVIEW not FREEVIEW box although that may all change later this year.

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@kevin_s  You may be able to pick up a secondhand box on eBay.  Alternatively you could buy a 3rd party Youview box with recording capability.  I use a Humax (Manhattan also make them) which I've had for many years and although I don't subscribe to TalkTalk TV they have loaded their software on it and it the menu identifies itself as "TalkTalk TV" so I am reasonably confident that if I subscribed I would have access to the various services offered.