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Youview Box Issues

Whizz Kid
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I have asked several times about an issue with my Huawei Youview Box, not working with Apps like Britbox, and Amazon Prime, with regular Freezing, Buffering, and even problems logging in ?

I have recently been offered a Youview Lite box, but I have seen that Talktalk seem to be moving towards Streaming soon ?

So, my question, is if I save any charges for my Service if I return the YV Box ?

And then, purchase one of the many Streaming boxes available ?

And would there be anything stopping one of those devices, working with my Talktalk Broadband ?

I am disappointed, that Talktalk's Youview boxes do not seem to be compatible with Apps, unless you Factory Reset them almost Daily, and feel that an alternative Device is my only way to Watch TV without constant Break up ?

Any advice very welcome ?


Community Star
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It's entirely up to you.  If your current box is still working as a PVR, but not with apps, then alternatives such as Chromecast, ROKU etc. may be a better bet. 

Whizz Kid
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Thanks Ferguson ?
But to be honest, from what I have read, I am charged for TV Service regardless of the Youview Box I have ?
At least the current one, can view, pause, rewind and record programmes, whereas the 'lite' Box doesn't do all ?

So, my conclusion, is to retain my Youview Box, but cancel Britbox App ?
And then buy a Streaming Device to view Britbox, and Amazon Prime Video Apps 🙂


Community Star
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There are many streaming devices available. If I were you though I would take up the offer of a replacement box on your other topic and if you find that works OK then you can consider cancelling the TV charge.  😉