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Youview box

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My youview box doesn't work, the tv image it's always freezing, just can watch itv. I've had tried all the fixing tips, even the factory reset and still the same. Anybody has a suggestion?

Ana Marques

Community Star
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What's the picture like on your TV with the aerial plugged directly in to it?


If it's the same then you have an issue with the aerial and need to contact a local installer.


If it does not freeze, then try retuning the box with the aerial not connected. This will clear any residual memory the box may have. Then retune with the aerial in, and see if this improves.


If not, please post back and let us know if this is only happening in selected channels or all channels.


Also if selected channels, can you let us know the signal strength and quality on those channels. You can get this information via Settings.


Thank you, and hope this helps.

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