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Youview no HD channels available

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My HD channels have been removed from my youview tv box. I have tried resetting the box, antenna off/on and retuning to find missing channels without success. 

I was wondering whether there is an option to filter/remove HD channels on settings and this is the problem?


If anyone has any ideas, please reply below. 


Many thanks, Amanda


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HD channels are over the air broadcast and would only be removed if the signal is not strong enough to the box for them to be received.


Retuning can have the opposite effect that you are looking for as you can lose more if for example, the lack of channels is due to weather-related issues.


Did these just suddenly disappear or have they been breaking up recently? If the latter it may point to an aerial issue.


If not already sent up this way, make the box the first call on the aerial signal by connecting the aerial lead to the box first. then (if you do not have multiple leads coming from the aerial) attach the aerial out to the box. You will need to ensure that in the settings under Picture and sound that Antenna out is set to on for the TV to receive a signal.


Then try a retune. If this does not bring back the channels, take the aerial out of the box and retune. You will receive 0 channels but the box will clear any residual memory of stored channels. Then replace the aerial and retune again.


If you still do not get the HD channels, I'd leave it a day and try again in case it is weather-related. 


Also does your TV have an HD tuner? if so does the TV still get the channels or have they disappeared too?


Do you get the Shopping Quarter channel on 72 on either the box or the TV as this non HD channel is on the same broadcast channel as the HD channels.


If this is missing it is due to the aerial not picking up a signal on this Mux. 


If the signal does not come back it would indicate a weather incident or a fault having developed with your aerial. If the latter you would need to contact a local installer to check this out for you.


Another check you could make is with a neighbour to see if they are affected or not.


Hope this helps.



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