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iPlayer buffers even more after upgrade to Fibre

Enlightened One
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I used to experience some occasional buffering while on an otherwise very good ADSL2+ connection.  Since switching to Fibre Medium (again seemingly a very good connection) earlier this month, I'm shocked to discover that the buffering seems to happen more often and will often occur 2 -3 times during a one hour tv programme.


The buffering wheel spins until eventually an iPlayer error message appears, pointing to a possible loss of internet connection.  At that point even data for the Youview Guide fails to appear. 


I have to come right out of iPlayer, wait for a couple of minutes then go back into the programme via the Guide.   This can happen at any time of day, but recent events have occurred mid to late afternoons. The Youview box is connected to the router via Devolo Powerline Adaptors.  HG633 Router with latest v2.0 firmware. 


Help - Please advise how this issue can be overcome.



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Thanks @ferguson. Direct ethernet connection isn't really possible, but the Devolo Powerline adaptors are about 18 months old and are able to produce quite sophisticated data reports, some of which I have just recently sent to Devolo HO in Germany for analysis and they have come back giving a clean bill of health.  I can't say I've ever noticed the issue occuring with any other YouView players. 


Community Star
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Are you getting this with any other YouView players e.g. ITV Player etc? Are you able to test temporarily with a direct ethernet connection between the box and router to rule out any possible issue with the powerline adapters?